On the Iraq Security Treaty…

From Angry Arab.  If this is  true then……

I read the text of American eternal occupation treaty with Iraq: I compared the English and Arabic texts. The translation in Arabic is accurate but it is abundantly clear that this was written in English and then translated into Arabic, not vice versa. But the language is ambiguous and vague enough (especially in reference to those American civilians attached to the mission), to allow a whole army or elephant to pass through.

…. it raises some interesting questions.

3 Responses

  1. Is there a way of getting a copy of it in both languages?

  2. Rob,

    Angry Arab is an idiot. This is standard legal practice. I asked my father (who is a lawyer) years ago about such issues with legal translation. The translation is completely and totally irrelevant. A treaty, any legal contract, has the designated controlling language. In any legal dispute, the controlling language is used. The translation is completely dismissed in the following dispute.

    If I were Angry Arab, I would complain about how Iraqis use American lawyers to write their law for them. Because no one is qualified (read: they do not want to spend the money), my father informed me while I was in college I ought to go to law school. In law school journals, they were putting up numerous job adverts looking for qualified lawyers to go to Iraq to draft their constitution. That was so obviously successful, I would love to venture a guess as to why the treaty’s controlling language is English. Plus, in agreement with the angry one, the current regime is a puppet. It is not a surprise they want it in English, hopefully so Sadrists can read what they are mourning.

    What another wonderful day.

  3. The treaty´s controlling language is in English? Shouldn’t it be in Arabic? At the same time, the Iraqi government could put pressure on them by doing something like resigning everyone at once. That would drive the Americans crazy. But this group of Iraqis is really stupid. I mean they´ll do anything to keep earning the money they are making.

    I´ll be quite honest with you, I miss Saddam´s Iraq. At least if a person kept their face shut nothing would happen to them. There was safety on the street and there were some of the best universities in the world.

    But again this is more of a philosophical question. If I can´t talk about the political situation of my country then I´ll write a paper on poetry or something like that. They wanted this war more than anything else they wanted and the dill doe we have in the White House was just so easy to convince. I could imagine the meetings between them all.

    Anyway, it´s good to see you get pissed off once in a while.

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