Adel Imam on Gaza

Adel Imam, hands-down the most popular actor in the Arab world, has ( according  to the Jerusalem Post)  “shocked many of his fans by expressing understanding for Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip.”   This is not quite what he did though:

Imam, a longtime outspoken critic of Islamic fundamentalism, lashed out at Egyptians who have been demonstrating against Israel’s war on Hamas. He said calls for general strikes in solidarity with the Palestinians “harmed our economy and benefited Israel alone.”

Imam was also quoted in the Egyptian press as strongly criticizing the leader of the country’s Muslim Brotherhood organization, Mahdi Akef, for having accused Egypt’s leadership of “collusion” with Israel.

The veteran 68-year-old movie star blamed Hamas for the violence, pointing out that the Egyptian leadership had warned the Islamist movement against an impending Israeli military operation.

“Hamas ignored our warnings and chose to lead an asymmetrical war,” Imam said, echoing earlier statements by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. “It’s preferable for Hamas to stop [the rocket attacks]. They should have known that Israel wasn’t going to receive the attacks with roses.”

It  shouldn’t surprise anyone that Adel Imam  has adopted this stance.   First, he is very pro-government, being good friends with Hosni Mubarak.   In fact, he is given lots of leeway to make films critical of the government because of this relationship.  Ideologically, he is about as anti-Islamist as it comes which is  obvious from the fact that he drinks alcohol and picks up prostitutes in most of his films.  See him chew out Islamist preacher Amr Khalid in this Youtube_clip.    So it doesn’t surprise me that he blames Hamas for instigating the attacks.  It should also be noted that this isn’t a view solely confined to hard-core pro-government circles in Egypt as well.

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  1. Adil Imam told us the truth. First, I agree with him that Hamas was responsible for what is happen in Gaza for when Hamas strike Israel with a home made missile that killed no Israelis, Israel found an excuse to power Gaza with fire.Second, the crying and shouting in Arab’s cities has never changed any thing in reality. Third, Adil Imam support Palestine, Iraq and all suffering people in the world. Adil Imam God bless you,and keep you for us. Thank you Ustaz Adil Imam

  2. it is really a shame and what a shame that adel imam the one who should be defending ghaza is defending israel.
    i was shocked when reading this article, you know what mr imam i want to know your opinion when israel will invade your country you might be happy and defending israel i guess i want to know your opinion when hundreds of innocent people will die in your country what will be you reply against that
    you really disappointed all your fans i guess think twice mr imam before talking i guess you need to go back to school and learn a little bit becoz u miss what the world call HUMANITY.

  3. I was really ASTONISHED with respect to Adel Imam’s remarks. I hope Mr Imam that you will endure one day what other arabs have endured at the hands of the Israelis. I cannot express enough my disgust towards you. You have lost a very large portion of your fans but not to worry you’ll always have your dear Israeli friends. You are a phony. What a shame….but at least we know your true face now.

  4. Adel Imam speaks the truth…For years, the entire Arab region has suffered from calling for Palestine to be freed. WHat did we get in return besides propaganda and helpless signs condeming Israel? Arabs leaders are too busy looking after their bank accounts and accumulating more wealth for them. If we are capable of fighting Israel, the most powerful country in the world, then let’s do it. WHo is fighting? kid suiciders! Or, civilian human shields…Hamas group is coward…I wish that more people can think logically and realistically about the situation that the middle east has reached…..We need more people like you Adel Imam…you are my idol!

    • I have never read so much garbage and ignorance from arabs in my life. For you to sit there and write in that arab regions have suffered from palestinian agenda proves how narrow-minded you are. What damage to your life a few words of support to those poor palestinians is bringing on to?you still have ur freedom to go shopping watch movies surf the interent in a safe and secure place!! and for what that hollow and ignorant money grabbing adel imam has said is more than pathetic for anyone to actually hold a debate about. Hamas has taken control of Gaza for about 5 years whereas Isreal has been controlling the wholel of palestine depriving the people of their basic rights to live yet you sit there and blame the current situation on Hamas?! Are you kidding me?!!! this is the shameful side of being an arab. we can never stick up to the truth and always want to prove our “loyalty” to the west. Why? to appear open-minded and democratic??? is this what our life and schools teach us?what happened to looking out for each other without any hidden gains? what happened to using our brains to look listen and say without any intervention from others or the pressure from other to copy them? i’ve been living in the west and i have seen more patriotism towards the palestinian crisis from the english than from the arabs themselves, and the recent convoy proves this even more. as long as isreal is stuffing the arab puppies with blood money the more that these arabs will kneal before them with a “yes sir, whatever you want sir”

  5. […] on Adel Imam Posted on January 19, 2009 by Rob I had no idea when I wrote this poston Egyptian actor Adel Imam’s anti-Hamas comments that it would attract so much interest.  […]

  6. En fait, cela merite tout simplement de l’ignorance, (un ignorant, il vaut mieux l’ignorer), cela ne m’etonne pas, durant toute sa vie, il faisait rire les gens, aujourd’hui, c’est les gens qui rient….de lui.
    ce n’est qu’un petit egouiste, qui a choisi le moyen le plus court pour s’enrichir, en faisant alliance a ses maitres au pouvoir.
    je n’aime point etre a sa place, l’histoire se rappellera de ses bavures et de ses signes ..d’ignorance.

  7. I am not defending Hamas, however, these rockets can be seen as a spontaneous response to this unfair seige which lasted for more than one year.
    Mr.Imam is supporting the Egyptian leadership which is terrified from any islamic exsistance on it”s borders.
    Imam, you lost you credibility in the Arab world!
    Shame on you man

  8. How many times Egypt has to endure this suffering from the so called palestinian muqawamah against Israel. Egypt entered into 3 wars with Israel & EGYPT at the end WON. We enforced peace. It is about time Palestinian to take charge of their independence instead of running everytime winning to Egypt or as a matter of fact to the whole Arab countries for help. The Egyptian women, men, children did it without any help from anyone. The Lebanese did it too…. So it is about time the Palestinian do it WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANYONE. BE MEN FOR ONCE instead of this constant guilt trip that you send the Arab world on to cause of your incompetence. Put your money where your mouth is. If you can not fight Israel now, don’t send the misaels, send it when you are ready. Instead of putting the money the Islamic world is sending in the Switzerland bank acccounts and spending it in Monaco casinos, spend it on getting weapons from the black market and DEFEND YOURSELF…. When there is a will there is a way. DONT WAIT FOR ANYONE & PLEASE DO NOT BLAME ANYONE….

  9. There should be no argument. It is very clear who is the oppressor and who are the victims. The whole state of Israel is built upon terror. They are killing Palestinians every day.

    The land is originally Palestinian, and the replies of some people here are twisted. Who is responding? Is it Israel that responded claiming self-defense, because evil Hamas is shooting toy rockets against poor Israeli citizens? Or is it Hamas responding to the terror Israel has caused on a sixty-year (and counting) terrorism course?

    Hamas is a resistance force. They are the ones who should not respond by giving roses. You people must understand that.

  10. […] elite has expressed its strong support for Gamal Mubarak as their next president. For example, Adel Imam, Egypt’s best known actor, believes that Gamal Mubarak will be the best possible president […]

  11. Adel Imam, Hosni Mubarak, and everybody else in egypt are corrupt traitors!

    I thought Adel Imam was an Arab? I didn’t realize how many zionist there are in egypt? It must be the money flowing in that has encouraged them to sell their principles and dignity to the highest bidder.

    Egypt and its people has become a huge disgrace to the Arab people.

    Palestine will return to the Palestinian people eventually.

    • Its not Egypt, its just the people in charge. Don’t judge a whole race of people by the corrupt criminals in charge. Trust me 90% of the Egyptian people despise the government, they’re living in conditions that you would not believe. Don’t make these generalizations, as arab people we should be uniting not condemning each other to disgrace. Don’t fall into the traps America and Israel wants us to.

  12. Hamas is not to blame, after having lost their country, had their people killed, tortured and raped, a small home made bomb which hurt no one is not whats going to start a war. Whether the bomb was fired or not, war was coming, don’t pretend like that it was the spark. Secondly, Imam is a pro-government piece of crap trying to make something important out of his pathetic life by giving himself a political position in Egypt, so clearly he would be against anything the Egyptian government is against. I don’t understand what is wrong with the people who keep praising his actions and words, are you guys blind or just retarded??

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