Why the silence?

I’ve added to the blogroll  a new blog at ForeignPolicy.com by Stephen Walt,  a professor at Harvard and one of America’s premier commentators on foreign policy.   Today,   he_wonders why many of  Israel’s  supporters in the US were silent during the recent IDF rampage in Gaza.  If that lack  of criticism  is due to a belief that Israel’s leaders are “exceptionally smart and thoughtful strategists”  than this is a most  incorrect foundation to base a lack of criticism on: 

Many supporters of Israel will not criticize its behavior, even when it is engaged in brutal and misguided operations like the recent onslaught on Gaza. In addition to their understandable reluctance to say anything that might aid Israel’s enemies, this tendency is based in part on the belief that Israel’s political and military leaders are exceptionally smart and thoughtful strategists who understand their threat environment and have a history of success against their adversaries. If so, then it makes little sense for outsiders to second-guess them.

As Walt outlines, this is a  myth.  So  why then,  do people keep refusing to criticize Israel in the US media? Isn’t it strange when Israel’s own Haaretz  newspaper  is consistently 10x more questioning  of Israel than anyone in America?