Jilted Lover Goes to Jail

Too big of a story not to mention here at MediaShack.   About a month ago, Susan Tamim, a Lebanese pop singer, was brutally murdered in Dubia.  From Asharq Al-Awsat:

The indictment says former police officer Muhsen el-Sukkari killed singer Suzanne Tamim on July 28 after tricking her into opening the door of her apartment by posing as a representative of the building owners and bringing her a letter and present.   “He then laid into her with the knife … cutting her main arteries and her trachea,” it said. “This was on the instigation of the second defendant (Moustafa) in return for obtaining from him the sum of $2 million for committing this crime.”

But the guy who ordered the murder was Hisham Talat Mustafa,  a big time Egyptian construction tycoon, and a member of Parliament.  Why?  Grandmasta read someone saying that it was over money and supposedly, she stole a million dollars or something like that.  He doubts that that would be sufficient motive here.  Whats a million bucks when your a billionare?  Grandmasta suspects here that she probaly told him to get lost    She was not by any means a big-time singer, Grandmasta had never heard of her before the news of her killing broke.  He’s no specialist in Arabic pop music, but if she was big, he would have heard of her.  She defintely wasn’t in the same league as  Ruby.… In a super apathetic region, interest in Tamim’s death far outstrips interest in, say, the Democratic or Republican convention.