More on the Lebanese Army…..

There are some new  developments to yesterday’s post  (scroll down) that are worth taking note of concerning the arming of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).   Gen. Petraeus was on a surprise visit to Beirut yesterday and met with President Michel Suleiman, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, and the new army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji.    It turns out that the US will not be sending arms to Lebanon before the spring parliamentary elections take place there, and heavy weapons will not be sent at all because of US concerns about “Israel’s military edge”.

It is worth wondering why the US wants to shelf its shipment of arms until the spring elections.  Was there a pre-condition set for the shipment based on who would win the elections? In that case, why even promise weapons? And if there is no waiting game to see which party wins a majority, then why even wait until then? If another Nahr Al-Bard situation occurs from now until then, the US will have to send out an emergency supply anyway.