Stuff to check out

1)  America’s Finest:   Except for  Lou_Dobbs, most  major American TV stations are mediocre and unserious in their coverage of important news — unless we now consider Tweeter updates as “serious and critical.”   There is, however, one huge exception to this trend.  Check out this clip and see what I’m talking about.  I learned more from this 8 minute clip about the financial crisis than I have from watching CNN for months. 

2) A Pattern?:   This didn’t get  much coverage but there was a  third potentially violent incident in Egypt about a week ago.  

3)  Universal Culture:   If you are Saudi Arabia you are supposed to “own” the Gulf.   So when you tie little upstart Qatar in a football match that’s embarrassing.  Its the same feeling us Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans have when we lose to Boston College.  So watch this Youtube_clip of a Saudi prince going into the locker room and chewing the team out.  He basically says “this was totally unacceptable…your passing sucked, the attack was pathetic, the midfielder looked like he was sleeping” but not only that “you represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this was a disgrace – so get it together.”

Who says Saudi culture is  different than American?   Delete_the_F-words and this could be an Arab Bob Knight.

5 Responses

  1. I’m still laughing from watching the video. God knows players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and these other spoiled brats (hope I’m not ruffling feathers) from other professional sports activities could be put in their place by the Prince…

  2. By the way, the clip was fantastic!!! It’s a shame the giving money to a family in need could be considered unethical. But if we give it to these crooks in the big banks and corporations, that is totally acceptable.

  3. John I’m laughiing myself and I forgot to thank you for sending the clip.

  4. More like a Saudi Mark Cuban than Bob Knight. Knight would have choked someone

  5. Well,

    I have to give the “Prince” credit. He set them straight. What I have observed in Europe is when there is a score of 4-0 like a game I saw between Real Madrid and Barcelona several years back, the guy that got the heat was the coach. Shouldn’t there be accountability for the players?

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