Hitchens not attacked?

From the Angry Arab:

According to a Lebanese police sources cited in Al-Akhbar, Hitchens was not attackedin Beirut. And the SSNP also denied the story and said that they had no posters in Beirut. If this story is made up it would not be a first: remember that Hitchens claimed to have interviewed Abu Nidal, when there is no evidence whatsoever for that interview. (The source who first sent me the story need to follow up NOW). (thanks Saeed)

For those who don’t read Arabic the story is basically a two paragraph piece saying exactly what the above says.    Maybe its just me but reading the words “F…Off”  in English mixed into an Arabic article is funny:

وإنه عندما رأى شعاراً للحزب السوري القومي الاجتماعي، لم يتمكن من تحمُّل ذلك، فحمل قلمه وبدأ يكتب على الشعار. وأوضح أنه أراد أن يقول للحزب السوري «f.. off». عندها

When trying to judge the seriousness of these claims, keep in mind that Al-Akhbar is generally pro-Syrian, pro-Hezbollah, and anti-US foreign policy.   Therefore,  by definition, they hate and have an interest in embarrasing someone like Hitchens, an ardent supporter of the Iraq war whose trip to Lebanon was paid for by a Pro-March 14th group.  It would make their day if it turned out that the fight story turned out not to be true.

4 Responses

  1. Oh, it happened alright. Lots of credible witnesses.

    I would imagine that the geniuses of the SSNP and their Syrian allies just put their teeny tiny little minds together and realized that the international publicity that has been generated by their thug’s brutal assault of one of the worlds foremost public intellectuals was not helping.

    They did it. And why? Because a brave man objected to blatant fascism displayed on one of the world’s most cosmopolitan streets–truly an outrage against civilized life.

  2. Dreamcatcher, are you for real? Is there anything more fascist than walking down the streets of a country to which you are not a native citizen and make snap judgements about their political parties and openly mocking them because you come from a country with more “enlightened” government? I am sure he would love for his countrymen to go to Lebanon, assume military order, and show “the ignorant natives” what “real” government is. I do not love the SSNP, but Hitchens is only a true ideologue when it comes to booze. Neither party to the assault, if it did happen, deserve to be taken seriously. Give us a break.

  3. You do not love the SSNP, but by your passivity, you allow their continued existence. Save your apologies for someone who cares. They’re fascists. They brutalize the people of Beirut. People like you let it happen.

    Pity for them, they didn’t KNOW who they were beating up (and I truly believe from credible reports that if they had been able, they would have killed him…) Well, now the whole world is watching.

  4. Agree dreamcatcher,

    First, Hitchens is not an “ignorant outsider” of Lebanese and Syrian politics. He’s knowledgeable about them and specifically the the SSNP party, which was why he decided it was unacceptable to leave untouched a sign celebrating the murder of an Israeli soldier enjoying a drink. Hitchens apparently doesn’t care for neo-nazis, nor do I for that matter. This has nothing to do with coming to a country and telling them what to do- hell, the government of Lebanon itself declared the signs illegal and ordered them removed. Hitchens was not violating Lebanese law by defacing the illegal postings that the Syrian goons and their Lebanese sympathizers post and protect through violence and thuggery.

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