Weekend Reading

1)  Judah  Grunstein. WPRWorst_Case_Scenarios_for_Afghanistan.  A good post which responds to the points I made yesterday about France and Afghanistan. 

2)  Nathan Brown.  Carnegie.  “Pointers for the Obama Administration in the Middle East; Avoiding Myths and Vain Hopes.”    Good commentary   by a top expert on Palestinian politics. 

3)  Samantha Shapiro. NY Times.   Revolution,_Facebook_Style.   When I first saw this I was skeptical, thinking it was going to be another soft-ball article on Facebook, but this is some really good journalism. 

4)  Ibrahim Eissa.  Al-DostorThe_Coming_Terrorism.   He argues that the government’s position against Hamas will be seen by many as a position against Islam, which will increase  religious extremism and terrorism.

5) Amr Ali Hassan, Al-Hayat.  Looksat whether the ancient Egyptian trait of sticking together in the face of foreign threats is breaking down because of the socio-economic trends over the past thirty years (ie the Infitah,  immigration abroad…)

6) On Tuesday,  I wondered what happened to the Daily Star Beirut which hadn’t updated their website since 14 January.   Apparently,  it has been shuttered forever.

One Response

  1. I remained skeptical throughout. I have dismembered some of her writing here: http://semi-expert.blogspot.com/2009/01/sigh-more-porn.html

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