“Top Secret” on TV

   I am not aware of any station in the world except for Al-Jazeera that makes the  transcript_and_audio of every single program available.  Its an amazing resource but now its even better-  you can watch the actual TV program on  Youtube

Yesterday, I was thrilled to come across the TV (or visual) of a 2006 episode of “Top Secret” by Yousri Fouda on “Al-Qaeda in the Levant.”  For two years, I had been hoping to catch a rerun  on Al-Jazeera but no such luck (previously I had only read the transcript but it becomes much clearer seeing the accompanying tv).   In part one (  transcript / video) Fouda sneaks into Iraq during the height of the insurgency and in part two ( transcript / video) he examines whether Al-Qaeda is gaining a foothold in the Levant.   Its as good an investigative journalism piece I’ve seen on Al-Qaeda. 

I often talk about how important cultural, historical, religious context is when trying to analyze Al-Qaeda and this series is great at this.   Even though this episode is a bit dated (2006) it should be translated and screened at the Al-Qaeda unit of every US intel agency.   Even for those who know no Arabic its still worth skimming through. 

The series brings up so many critical points which I will be blogging about over the next week.

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  1. […] I think these comments  by the Mufti of Syria (go to 14:20) from this outstanding Al-Jazeera documentaryare probably far relevant and important for US government people to understand.    The Mufti is […]

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