“The Road to 9/11”

Following up from the previous post, here’s a subtitled episode of the Al-Jazeera TV show “Top Secret.”    Yousri Fouda investigates “the path to 9/11” and travels to Pakistan to interview Khalid Sheikh Mohamed before he was arrested.

A couple points:
1)  Mohamed Atta, the lead 9/11 hijacker, was once a student of English at the American University in Cairo.  See 03:30

2)  It’s interesting the conspiratorial tone of this program. While the host interviews several no-name crackpots who present wild theories about 9/11 , this   gives a misleading impression about 9/11 doubting in the Arab world.   It definitely is widespread but mostly at the popular or street level and not the intellectual level.   I am not aware of any serious thinker in Egypt, for example, who would deny that Al-Qaeda committed the act.   Also, I’ve  heard Fouda speak in person at a serious academic talk and he didn’t display the slighest doubt that he thought Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11.   But for Al-Jazeera, I guess,  conspiracy mongering is what draws ratings.

One Response

  1. I just watched it. I see that he interviewed both sides. At the end he left an the audience with an open question why would 19 people like these decide to leave leave their lives and do something like this?

    In 2002 nobody knew any of the details this program showed. It brought details even the US didn’t tell at that point.

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