Kill My TV Also

I want to second Abu Muqawama’s Kill_Your_TV post.   American tv coverage of the events in Gaza is beyond bad – its horrible.  CNN.  NBC.  All of them are garbage.   Who gives a crap about Rod Bagloyavic?   Who cares whether Sarah Palin is now a grandmother.  Maybe that’s news if there was nothing whatsoever going on.  But how about this little crisis called Gaza?   Isn’t  it a national security issue when the American people are getting such poor quality information about events that are critical  to US  security in the Middle East.   Don’t they  have a need to know  about them? 

If I was US National Security Adviser or Secretary of State,  here’s what I would do to critically improve US National Security:  The first thing I would do is have the US government fully subsidize a new network station,  next to CBS, NBC and ABC, that broadcasts only quality news and documentaries on world affairs and current events.    Nothing but serious programs on all of the important issues that people need to know about.   American Idol, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton would never, ever get a mention on this new TV station.   Anyone who uttered their names  would immediately be fired. 

People need to know what’s going on.  Dumb voters elect dumb politicians.  And dumb politicians make dumb policies.  So  what’s $50-100 million to run a 4th network featuring only serious world news?

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  1. rob, i totally agree with you…. times like these make me realize how pitiful american news coverage actually is.

    the only thing i’ll say about abu muqawama is that he made the “Kill your TV” post in the place of something noteworthy and analytical on the issue at hand. AM is totally avoiding the issue altogether, which I suppose is his own decision. but i’m one that thinks that there is much to analyze, without fearing the wrath of either side. i think abu muqawama is afraid to provide his commentary when people are searching for it now. i’m can’t figure out which “lobby” or group of “experts” he’s most afraid of.

    how’s the view from egypt?

  2. My friends in the US are telling me that Gaza is all over MSNBC.

    Also, Rob Bagloyavic is a huge deal! A governor trying to sell a senate seat? That’s a major domestic issue.

    Take a look at the Jerusalem Post ( There’s plenty of news about Gaza, of course, but also some regular features.

    Look, I think the US media stinks, too. But do you really think the solution is state-run TV?

  3. Ms Four,
    The Illinions governor is a story but not one that deserves front-page, prime coverage for what? Four weeks now?

    My beef is mostly with TV. US print media, such as the NY Times has been pretty decent in their coverage of the Gaza events.

    Im not calling for state-run tv. The problem is that networks are based on making money- they only have incentive to produce the news that people want to hear. That’s why you get cheap tabloid trash coverage even on the 6:30 nights on NBC or CBS and especially most of the time on CNN. If someone opened up a station that only covered serious world news and current events, they wouldn’t be profitable. So there has to be some kind of subsidization to keep it afloat. In my view spending 50-100$ to start up a forth network is well worth the result, a more informed citizenry.

  4. You mean something like PBS?

  5. yes, something like PBS but I would want to see a new network, something that comes with the most basic tv package. Anyone who has a tv in the US gets access to NBC, ABC and CBS- if im not wrong, PBS isn’t distributed at nearly the same rate.

  6. PBS is available to any US household with a TV.

  7. Some places, like Atlanta, even get two PBS stations. It’s a regular broadcast station, usually.

  8. One channel already exists. LinkTV covers the Middle East. It is available on satellite TV.

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