More on Fadl vs Zawahiri

Hussam Tamem, one of the top commentators on Islamist movements (he’s the editor of Islam Online) just wrote an  op-ed on Sayyid Imam’s  Revisions.  His conclusion: it is not signifigant nor influential.  He says some deep stuff however I’ll just highlight the last paragraph:

ويجوز القول إن الجيل القادم من حملة السلاح المحتملين لن يتأثر كثيراً بهذه المراجعات على أهميتها، وسيبقى متشككاً فيها رافضاً لها، وخاصة أنها جرت في سياق يعزز لديه احتمال الإكراه أو التنازل. وسيظل أبناء هذا الجيل أقرب إلى الدكتور فضل (الاسم الحركي لمنظر تنظيم الجهاد ورفيق أيمن الظواهري قبل الاعتقال) منه إلى سيد إمام عبد العزيز (بعدما عاد إلى اسمه الحقيقي وقاد المراجعات)، وسيحتفظ هؤلاء بكتاب “العمدة في إعداد العدة” دستوراً للعمل الجهادي، في طبعته أو طبعاته القديمة قبل زمن المراجعات

 We can say that the coming or new generation of militants will not be influenced by the Revisions.  It will remain sceptical and reject them, especially because they were completed in a context which suggests they were a result of coercion (ie Jail).  The members of this generation will stay ideologically closer to”Dr Fadl” (the movement name of the leader of Tanzim Al-Jihad and the companion of Zawahiri) than to Sayyid Imam (the name he used to lead the Revisions).  They will remain committed to  Al-Umda (original violence endorsing book), the Constitution of Jihadist work.

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  1. Here’s the link to the al-Arabiyyah article (apparently it’s from al-Akbar il-Libnaaniyyah but I can’t find the article on their website):

  2. thanks for the link. thanks for reminding me that i totally forgot to post the link.

  3. […] significance of the revisions by the Islamic Group and by Sayyid Imam.  Today, Rob at the Shack has cited the article as one more piece of incontrovertible evidence for his Imam-doesn’t-matter argument.  I […]

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