Jihadists Againt Dr Fadl

According to Cairo’s Al-Badeel newspaper, 200 members of Sayyid Imam’s (and Zawahiri’s)  Egyptian Jihad group are  signing_a_Petition rejecting the Revisions of Sayyid Imam.  The 200 are calling for Sayyid Imam to face them in a debate, covered by the media, free of any intervention by the Security forces. 

This brings up some interesting points:  Supposedly, about 90% of the imprisoned members of the Jihad group supported the Revisions and have been freed from jail.    Those who didn’t, ie this group of 200,  are isolated and almost certainly live in worse conditions.  Its very smart if your the jail staff: why let the “spoilers” have access to those who believe in the Revisions.  This explains their call for Sayyid Imam (who now gets super special treatment) to appear before them and debate them.   That’s certainly one debate I would pay to watch.   

Another interesting point:  Ayman Zawahiri’s brother Muhumaed refused to join Al-Qaeda in 1998 (see the Looming Tower) , a source of great embarrassment for Ayman.   What’s important here is that he actually had a chance to join Al-Qaeda,  unlike most of the members of Jihad who have been in jail since the early 1990s, and said no.  Like Dr Fadl (Sayyid Imam), after 9/11 he was extradited to Egypt, but despite his choice not to join AQ, he is amongst the 200 Rejectionists of The  Revisions.