Britian and Syria Now Sharing Intel

Britain, unlike the US, has just  reestablished high-level Intelligence sharing with Syria.  Syria Comment has an excellent  post on a potentially important development in US-Syria relations:

At any rate, the Syrians clearly offered the British the same offer they made to the Americans well over a year ago. The difference is that the British have been smart enough to take the offer, sending their foreign minister to Damascus as a gesture of good will and cooperation. So the British will now supply the US with Syrian intelligence. This will be awkward for the Americans; they will be dependent on the British for intelligence. Of course, if the Americans like the bits of intelligence they get from the Syrians, they will have to ask for more and will have to ask the Syrians to act on the intelligence or to deliver certain fighters. In this way, one can only presume that the Americans will start to negotiate with the Syrians indirectly.

Great post.  Lots of good strategic analysis.

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  1. Hey, that’s pofrlwue. Thanks for the news.

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