Did I miss something here?

David Ignatius makes some extremely questionable statements in a recent Washington Post article:

Before the election, the radical Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradhawi even issued a fatwa supporting John McCain: “Personally, I would prefer for the Republican candidate, McCain, to be elected. This is because I prefer the obvious enemy who does not hypocritically [conceal] his hostility toward you . . . to the enemy who wears a mask [of friendliness].”

Obama makes the jihadists nervous because he is an appealing new face whose ascension undermines the belief that Islam and the West are locked in an inescapable clash of civilizations. “The Democrats kill you slowly without you noticing it. . . . They are like a snake whose touch is not felt until its poison enters your body,” observes Qaradhawi.

I’m having great difficulty believing that Qardawi  actually said these things as it just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing he talks about.  And correct me if I am wrong, if he did actually make any comment about the US elections, he would not have done so in the form of a fatwa.   Furthermore, considering Qaradawi’s influence anything he said  would have received widespread coverage in the Arabic press.  This is the first I’ve heard of this.

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  1. Qaradawi’s statement appearently came as a response to a question posted on his website. It definitely wasn’t a fatwa, but I was not able to find the original question and response. It was, however, appearently first reported here:


  2. Rob,

    Don’t scratch your head too hard over this guy or his column or you’ll go bald. Own this one up to sheer cluelessness. Ignatius is a zillion year old columnist who expresses all the cultural insularity you need to expect from those who have spent too much time “inside the Beltway.”

    I read the column and laughed. It’s absurd in every way. The suggestion that AQ would hold some of the opinions he thinks they would comes out of the DC cocktail party circuit — where fools go to pose — and where, people have come to see AQ as an undeconstructed formulation just waiting for Judith Butler.

    No, he doesn’t know who Qaradawi is, and, yes, he knows even less about fatwas. And yes, he’s writing for a major newspaper that didn’t catch any of the glaring mistakes.

    Good news in all this: Washington Post (which runs this doderhead’s column) lost 900 subscribers in the past four weeks. Woo hoo!

    have fun

  3. I agree with Marisa. This is a travesty. I guess we get what we deserve in American journalism, letting people who were lucky to walk away with their high school diploma write “professional” and “expert” commentary on a part of the world they have zero interest in. Go I hate these people so much.

  4. Im surprised because I usually consider Ignatius semi-informed when it comes to the Middle East. Thats what makes this article even more surprising.

  5. http://www.ikhwanweb.com/Article.asp?ID=18469&SectionID=0

    Al Qaradawi: I Hope McCain Wins

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi”s was asked on the cyberspace whether the Muslim should take part in US elections, and if so, who should the Muslim wish to be a winner: Obama or McCain?

    Sheikh Al Qaradawi”s answer was stunning but he gave his justifications. “Personally speaking, I hope the Republican candidate McCain wins, because I prefer a clear and frank enemy who does not play the hypocrite in his enmity and who accordingly does not make you play the hypocrite with him too. I prefer this to the enemy in disguise” Al Qaradawi said.

    Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi- Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars -said:” The frank enemy will make you clearly determine your attitudes and he will even uncover hypocrites in your camp because any one backing him with such a flagrant enmity is undoubtedly hypocrite. The frank enemy makes you always on alert while the enemy in disguise makes you become inactive and lax and feel safe.

    Advising those favoring the Democratic presidential candidate, Al Qaradawi said:” Those thinking that the Democrats have less enmity than the Republicans, should know that the number of Iraqis killed by the Democratic president Bill Clinton during the siege on Iraq are more than doubles of those killed by the Republican president Bush .

    The Democrats kill you slowly without making you feel this. They are like the adder that injects its venom and you feel this venom only after it enters your body. For this, I hope that McCain assumes office so that we stick to the banner of jihad and so that we don”t seek support of infidels.

  6. If these are Qardawi’s words, it shows real insight. The establishment wants Obama because with Obama they can really play hardball in foreign policy while enjoying popular support. Remember Obama won a sweeping victory receiving the support of the majority of the American people. What is also interesting is the nature of the people who voted for Obama. It’s a multicultural America and this victory gives Obama a blank check to do what he wants (or what they – the Establishment – want him to do).

    Actually it shows he is not as naive as the Arab Americans who thought that with Obama real solutions will be given to conflicts such as the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict. By the way, these are the same Arab Americans who voted for Bush in 2000.

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