Check in tomorow…..

for a post  on tonight’s episode of the Al-Jazeera political  talk show Al-Itijah Al-Muakis (The Opposite Direction) on the US elections.   Tonight’s first post-elections show has the potential to be a great one. 

Speaking of Obama and the Middle East, Professor Mark Levine  (whose book is on my to-read list) goes beyond the change rhetoric and has an outstanding analysis of the nature of the challenges he will face in the region.  A very good, must-read article.

4 Responses

  1. I disagree with him on the nuclear weapons issue:

    “the reality is that no amount of talking will convince Iran to give up on its quest unless Americans can offer Iran a suitable quid pro quo – and that is clearly Israel’s nuclear weapons.”

    I don’t understand why Iran cares at all about Israeli nuclear weapons or Israel in general. Israel has had nuclear weapons for longer than the Islamic Republic has existed but Iran didn’t start trying for a nuclear weapon for at least their first 15 years. It makes more sense to me that Iran wants a nuclear weapon for their own security from first Iraq and then the United States. In that case the quid pro quo would be a guarantee of no American invasion and an Iranian influence in Iraqi politics.

  2. Rob,

    I wish I got to go see him speak. He was at GU last week talking to CCAS students. I have been to metal concerts in Egypt, so I really wanted to discuss heavy metal in the “Islamic world.”


  3. Ive heard he’s really good so ive been planning on reading his stuff even before reading this article. im impressed at his grasp of security issues for someone whose work usually is not on that type of stuff.

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