More on the Raid

I’m sticking to my theory about the US raid on Syria.  Middle East Times has an article on the latest:

Although the al-Qaida suspect may have been killed, the death of Syrian civilians in the attack is what provoked Damascus’s anger, perhaps more than the fact that the U.S. forces penetrated Syrian territories, according to Arab commentators, who say that this was not the first time U.S. troops entered Syrian territory to chase al-Qaida suspects…….

U.S. administration officials in Washington are leaking that Damascus not only approved the raid in Sukkariyeh, but also cooperated with Syrian intelligence services ahead of the operation.  According to London’s Sunday Times of Nov. 2, the Syrians had “agreed to turn a blind eye to a supposedly quiet ‘snatch and grab’ raid,” but “could not keep the lid on a firefight in which so many people had died.”

 The paper quoted an unidentified Washington source as saying that Syrian intelligence tipped off the Americans about the whereabouts of the purported targeted al-Qaida operative, known as Abu Ghadiyah, and that the U.S. special force unit was supposed to kidnap him and take him to Iraq.

 The British paper’s source said the Americans “regularly communicate with the Syrians through a back channel that runs through Syria’s air force intelligence,” and quoted him as praising Syrian intelligence cooperation immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States as “remarkable.”

The pieces fit the puzzle.

4 Responses

  1. Over at Abu Muqawama they think that Odierno didn’t know about it or at least didn’t have any say in it. And if the White House got approval from Syria, told Special Forces to do it, and didn’t even listen to Odierno who theoretically controls the US military in Iraq, that’s really incredible. Not necessarily unbelievable, it would just show that something’s seriously screwed up in how the chain of command stuff is going on.

  2. i think maybe the whole thing is getting blown out of proportion by the Syrian government for their own political purposes

    its not the first time US soldiers crossed the border based on what ive read in the papers. so if this is something that has happened before maybe its not that big of a deal that Odierno has to know about it. I dont know- maybe it is.

    another thing, ive read both Asharq Al Awsat and Al-Hayat every day since the raid and im not seeing decisive statements from the Syrians refuting the leaks by the americans about coop and both papers have the contacts to at least make phone calls to the people on the syrian side who could give more info. why arent they doing that?

    also, the story is slowly fading and fading onto the back page and more. and now with the elections it will probably be removed from anyone’s mind permanently. dont you think that if it was truly an unprovokved and unprecedented attack that it wouldnt slip so easily?

  3. Until I found this I thguhot I’d have to spend the day inside.

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