How to Beat the Afghan Insurgency

Here’s another good post on the impending Afghanistan crisis.   Yes, it’s that serious.  So its time for people to start offering up new ideas.  Here’s mine: 

 Allow the Afghan farmers to grow all the Heroin they want and then have the US government  buy it at market value and then burn  it.  When there are no jobs in a nation except for Heroin, use that to the US’s advantage rather than  sanctimoniously pretend it is such a “bad thing.”  The farmers don’t care what happens to the Heroin, as long as they get their money.  If the farmers are happy, then the country eases more towards a stable economy. 

On that note,  the US could overnight almost completely disrupt the drug flow from Columbia by adapting such a policy.  Let the cartels grow all the drugs they want, then buy them up and destroy them.  Money talks.  Economics is economics.

5 Responses

  1. Rob,

    It is a novel theory. But what makes you think the US gov’t is agile or wealthy enough to keep up with market price? They don’t call it a cash crop for nothing.


  2. I didnt say it would be easy, but certainly the US has the resources to easily pay the market price of all of the Heroin produced each year in Afghanistan. How much would it be in comparison to the total military budget? Not much. Remember the price that shows up on the streets of the West is far highert than the actual cost of production. If Farmer A gets paid 10$ for his services, the eventual market price once its gets to the US is probaly 10x or more higher. But if farmer A sells his goods to the US were probably not looking at more than 10b per year.

    Why wouldnt the US be agile enough? We can send 150k troops to Iran and 30k to Afghanistan half way across the globe. So why couldn’t we be agile enough to put ourself in position to seriously break up the Afghan heroin trade?

  3. It seems christopher hitchens reads your blog:

  4. […] Cristopher Hitchens Read Media Shack? Posted on October 7, 2008 by Rob Two days ago I posted  that the US should buy and burn all the Opium in Afghanistan because trying to stop Afgan farmers […]

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