If the US is doomed in Afghanistan…..

then why not talk to the Taliban and try and work out some kind of accommodation?  As I have said previously, they are not natural enemies of the US and there was no reason the Taliban had to be made enemies of the US in the first place- and Abdel Bari Atwan agrees with me.  

Today, Al-Quds Al-Arabi’s lead op-ed says that the US, regardless of who wins the elections,  is doomed and has no options other to think seriously about withdrawal and open a dialogue with the Taliban in order to minimize its losses.

ليس امام الادارة الامريكية الحالية، او أي ادارة أخرى تحل محلها في مطلع العام المقبل غير التفكير جدياً بالانسحاب، وفتح حوار مع ‘طالبان’ من اجل تأمينه بشكل مشرف تقليصاً للخسائر.

This is not Joe Barstool  speaking  (I guess Ahmed Cafe Chair would be more culturally appropriate).  It’s Al-Quds Al-Arabi, which in my opinion is one of the best Arabic newspaper and the most intellectually honest.  See more on the paper  at the MediaShack Media_Guide.   The level of contacts and people who they are talking to to get their information  on Afghanistan and Pakistan is significantly better than what the White COIN people who don’t speak a word of the local languages are getting.  Sorry for the bluntness but its that simple.  And Al-Quds has been sounding this line pretty consistently, although it should also be said that to some extent they are rooting for the US to lose.   But if the US is headed towards a Vietnam in Afghanistan, might it not be time to cut losses while we can?  Yeah, it will suck now- but if the situation will be 5x worse, 5 years from now….

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