Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Understanding Al-Qaeda in Yemen is alot more difficult than say, understanding Al-Qaeda in Egypt or Lebanon.  The simple reason is that its alot easier to get around in these relatively open countries.  And due to strong scholarly interest over the years, far more has been written about these countries, thus its fairly easy to get a pretty good grasp of “what’s going on.”   Much harder to gain a similar level of comprehension of Yemen, due to its isolation and conservatism and I haven’t seen a lot of great literature on its Jihadist or Al-Qaeda movements.  However, in the last week IslamOnline has published two very good pieces.  Here’s the   first which was published shortly after last week’s Embassy attack.  I highly recommend the second (9/27) by Yusuf Al-Dini  which looks at  conflict and tension between the old generation (those who fought in Afghanistan)  and new (those who fought in Iraq) .

2 Responses

  1. Rob,

    Did you ever see Asharq Al-Awsat special on Al-Qaeda in Iraq. It was five or six parts. If not, I will dig it up for you. Thanks for another good post.


  2. I did see. I just never got around to reading. You should see my apartment, I have piles of newspapers lying around, and somewhere is the Al-Qaeda in Iraq series. What did you think of it? Is it worth reading?

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