Control Your Citizens Please

There are several factors  behind the sudden arrest of Egyptian real-estate magnate  and MP Talat Mustafa, but make no mistake about it, international diplomacy was one of them.   The Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm reported that it had obtained recordings of five phone calls between Moustafa and Sokari in the months before the murder:

In one call, Moustafa is said to be assuring Sokari that he had finalised all that was necessary for his mission, revealing that the initial plan was to carry out the murder in London, where Tamim lived for 18 months before moving to Dubai just days before she was murdered.

During the call, Moustafa could be heard telling Sokari: “Everything is ready and the amount agreed on is ready. The flight is tomorrow, she is in London. You figure it out, you are a security man, come on, you know what to do,” the newspaper reported.

In another conversation, the newspaper said, Sokari told Moustafa that he did not get a chance to “do it” in London and that he would kill Tamim in Dubai. Moustafa replied: “It will be difficult there, though.”

But Sokari assured him: “Don’t worry boss, this is mine,” Al Masry Al Youm reported.

Several Arabic newspapers emphasized the diplomatic dimension in this case.  There  was signifigant behind the scenes pressure by the British and Dubain governments on the Egyptian governments.  “Dude, you can’t just have your citizens come to our country and commit murder and not do anything about”-  something like that, but  probaly in more diplomatic terms, was expressed to the highest levels of the Egyptian government.

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