The Banned-Not Banned Article

Last week Michele Dunne wrote a piece for the National Interest on the  political future of Egypt after President Mubarak entitled “A Post-Pharonic Egypt.”  Apparently, according to Egypt’s opposition Al-Dostor newspaper, the latest issue has been banned/blocked in Egypt because of the article.   So what does Al-Dostor do?  They go ahead and translate the article into Arabic and print in their newspaper.  I can’t find the exact link (here’s the website)  but its on page 4 of the print editition.  Not really sure why it would be blocked because you can probaly count the number of people on one hand in Egypt who would have read the print version of the magazine.

UDPATE: The article was not banned in Egypt.  Grandmasta misread the language- The Al-Dostor article said, using sarcastic language,  that the Security forces may find certain things said in the article  as an excuse/justification to block/prevents its physical distribution in Egypt.

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